Victory Tours owned and run by Roel Klinkhamer (1951) is the "one man, one van" company that conducts regular and private Normandy Landing Beaches Tours from Bayeux. Roel knows the area for over 30 years now. After his first visit of Normandy in 1986 he was so impressed by its 1944 history that he needed to visit the areas of D-Day and the Battle for Normandy at least twice/three times a year to discover "new" areas and to buy more books (by now 16 yards) on the subject. After 4 years of service in the Royal Dutch Airforce, stationed in Germany and after being a McDonald's franchisee for almost 25 years Roel and his wife Pia decided to move from the Netherlands to Normandy in the year 2000 to make their hobbies their "jobs".

Roel has been very fortunate to have had dozens of American WW2 veterans on his tours. He will tell you the stories they told him! He has met several German veterans also, and will explain their part during the D-Day Landings. Since Roel is still getting more information on the subject, his D-Day Tours are getting even more and more interesting. He has so much information, that taking a two day (private only) D-Day Tour will give you the real feeling what happened during June 6, 1944 and beyond.

These D-Day Tours are not only for history buffs, others, who knew little about it, are always pleased at the end that they took the one, or two day tour!

We look forward to meeting you in Normandy!

Omaha Beach - What Really Happened!

"Roel Klinkhamer is not just a good tour guide, he is a very good teacher. He has a knack for teaching and he connects with his students, or in this case his tour guests, very powerfully. He bonds well and leads his group on an exciting tour of discovery. My wife and I were enthralled on our visit. We found that he not only knows what happened in these historic places back on those incredible days in world history, but he also knows the background of those events. He knows the things that went incredibly right and the things that spun out of control. He has personally talked with many of the participants in the invasion, with the German defenders and members of the French Resistance forces. Roel Klinkhamer should be designated as a UNESCO World Heritage resource in his own right! Don’t miss your chance of a lifetime - take his tour!"  -  Hickory, North Carolina